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Your Niagara Falls USA Adventure Awaits

Here you can experience a natural wonder of the world, explore acres of pristine hiking trails and scenic terrain, immerse yourself in outdoor adventure and taste the simple goodness of orchards and award-winning wineries.


The Ultimate Guide to Winter Family Fun at the Falls

Check off the fun, family-friendly activities on this list of winter wonderland activities in Niagara Falls USA.

Do the Falls Really Freeze in the Winter?

The facts behind the ‘Frozen Falls’ — plus where to go to capture the Falls in all their frosted glory.

A Tour of Niagara Wine Region Wineries

There are nearly two dozen wineries in Niagara Falls USA, and their wines perfectly complement the natural beauty of the area. Cheers!


Yes Way, Snow Day: Niagara Falls in Winter

There are few places more beautiful to see when covered in a blanket of fresh, white snow than Niagara Falls, New York. Here’s how to spend a perfect snow day in Niagara Falls, from your first cup of hot cocoa to your cozy fireside dinner.

Winter Wonderland: Tour Niagara’s Frozen Falls

Here’s how to spend your day in Niagara Falls if you’ve come for this winter phenomenon, from lunch and follow-up activities to dinner, drinks and where to spend the night.

The Coziest Couple’s Getaway in Niagara Falls USA

Looking for your next couple’s getaway this season? Niagara Falls USA brings the cold-weather romance.

The Great Indoors: 10 Ways to Have Fun Inside While in Niagara County

Think you can’t have fun in Niagara Falls USA when the weather’s not cooperating? Think again. Here’s how to make the most of your visit, rain or shine.


Food & Drink

The Coziest Dining Spots

Cold weather calls for warm dinners, from romantic fireside meals to stick-to-your-ribs dining spots. We’ve got picks for where to get cozy in Niagara Falls USA.

A Pizza-Lover’s Guide to Niagara Falls

The area may be known for its chicken wings, but Niagara Falls USA knows a thing or two about pizza — try these slices and see for yourself!

Cheers! Here’s Where to Happy Hour in Niagara Falls USA

Trendy brewpubs, lounges with a local flare, drinks on the scenic shores of Lake Ontario and happy hour within walking distance of the Falls — Niagara Falls USA features a number of options on where to meet up for drinks.

Date Night in Niagara Falls USA: 3 Romantic Ideas

From a day at the spa and a hands-on cooking class to a world-class vista made even more special with fireworks, these date nights (and days) go well beyond gazing at the Falls.

Falls Facts

American, Horseshoe and Bridal Veil Falls: A Primer

Did you know that Niagara Falls isn’t one waterfall — but three? Here’s what to know about each Niagara Falls waterfall.

10 Fun Facts About Niagara Falls USA

These interesting facts about Niagara Falls, NY might come in handy during your next trivia game.

When — and Why — the Falls Stopped Flowing

Back in 1969, the Falls were “turned off.” Here’s why and how it happened.