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A Pizza-Lover's Guide to Niagara Falls

The area may be known for its chicken wings, but Niagara Falls USA knows a thing or two about pizza — try these slices and see for yourself!

When you come to Niagara Falls USA, you can rest assured that all your senses will be lavishly rewarded, including your taste buds — especially if those taste buds have a thing for drool-worthy pizza. Pizza is indeed a “thing” in Niagara Falls: Expect all different types, toppings and styles, with some only-in-Western-New-York twists.

DiCamillo Bakery

This fourth-generation Italian bakery has expanded to become a mini-empire in Niagara Falls with four locations. Their Sicilian-style pizza is actually served cold, the traditional style, so it’s the perfect to-go option for a picnic lunch. Choose from a variety of topping options, from traditional cheese to spinach and ricotta to broccoli to pepperoni, depending on your mood. Don’t leave the bakery without some of their famous biscotti for dessert!

Goodfellas Pizzeria

Eat like the locals with a stop into this shop located inside the Niagara Falls City Market. You can try the Western New York topping specialty, the cup and char pepperoni slice (the casing on the pepperoni allows the slices to form little mini-bowls of meaty goodness with just charred edges along the rims). Insider tip: if you like a little more crisp to your crust, order your slice well-baked.

Woodcock Brothers Brewery

Perhaps you’ve heard of beef-on-weck, the Western New York specialty sandwich that combines roast beef with a salt and caraway roll? Imagine if that merged with a slice of pizza and you’ve got one of the unique styles available at Woodcock Brothers Brewery. Check out either of the two locations in the area for wood-fired pizza and their own house-brewed beer, including ales, lagers and stouts.

Joey’s Pizzeria

Another local favorite, Joey’s Pizzeria was the winner of the Niagara Falls USA Festival of Slice’s inaugural “Best Cheese Slice” award in 2018. While you can take out, try settling in for your pie along with a beer or glass of wine while you listen to musicians play on the weekends. The neighborhood is hopping with bars and nightclubs, so consider making Joey’s your first stop on a fun night out.

La Hacienda Ristorante & Pizza

New York City is known for its pizza and you can get a taste of cornmeal-bottom Big Apple slices here. Order a pie alongside the rest of a traditional Italian menu (yes, they have those beloved chicken wings as well if you can’t resist) and settle in for retro-style dining and drinking with cocktails like grasshoppers and Harvey Wallbangers. Another retro element is that the restaurant is cash only, but there is an ATM inside in case you forget before arriving.

Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen

How about a little history with your coal-oven pizza? The site where Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen stands in Lewiston was originally home to Hustler’s Tavern, where lore holds the cocktail was invented (a rooster’s tail feather was used to stir a gin mixture and the name stuck!). Gallo, which means “rooster” in Italian, pays homage to its site along with its roots in traditional Italian cooking, with its coal oven burning at over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

In town around the holidays? Don’t miss the annual Festival of Slice at the Niagara Falls Convention Center in downtown Niagara Falls, NY!