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Ultimate How-To Guide on Reddy Bikeshare

Reddy bikes are easily available to visitors and local residents looking to explore on two wheels.

With 145 bikes in over 30 locations throughout the City of Niagara Falls, Reddy bikes are easily available to visitors and local residents.

With the launch of the Independent Health-sponsored Reddy Bikeshare program into the City of Niagara Falls, there are now even more opportunities for both visitors and local residents alike to easily explore and guide their own path to adventure in Niagara Falls USA.

From taking a slow roll through America’s oldest state park to cruising along the lower Niagara River up to Old Fort Niagara, there are no limitations on where you can go.

Here’s the how-to guide to get you “Reddy” –

First, you’ll need to create an account online or by downloading the SoBi app.

You’ll then choose which membership plan best fits you and enter payment information. Whether you’re riding solo for the day or with your squad for the weekend, there are options. For frequent riders or residents, utilizing the annual pass might be the best way to go.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Pass – $3/to start | $0.10/min. to ride
  • Group Pass – $9/for up to 4 riders to start | $0.10/min. to ride (per bike)
  • Annual Pass – $40/year | $0.01/min. to ride

Reserve a bike through the app or simply pick one once at a Reddy rack. Check to be sure your phone’s GPS is enabled to find bikes available nearby. You will be given an account number and prompted to create a 4-digit PIN to which you will enter on the bike’s keypad. This will release the u-bar lock so you can be on your way!

Note: Steer safe – helmets are not provided by Reddy Bikeshare. Riders are encouraged to follow safe bike riding practices.

Monitor the duration, distance and cost of your trip on the bike’s LCD display or through the SoBi app.

And when you’re ready for a much needed break – whether you refuel at Orange Cat Coffee Co. or for the perfect photo op at Art Alley NF, Reddy offers a clutch “HOLD” feature. This allows you to lock your bike at a Reddy or any bike rack without ending your reservation. When you’re ready to hop back on, just enter your PIN to unlock. You’re allowed to hold your bike multiple times up to two hours. Be aware that you will still be charged for the time the bike is on hold.

There are a few ways to return your bike: drop off at the nearest Reddy rack, or any public bike rack within city limits for only a $2 charge. Once properly locked and the reservation is complete the screen will blink green, if not, it will flash red and sound an alert. Just tug the u-bar until the bike is locked.

Now that you’re up to speed, it’s time to get outside and get those wheels spinning.

Eligible riders must be 18 years of age or older. If riding with children under 18, visit Sight See Rentals for other bike rental options.

For additional information on Reddy Bikeshare, visit

$1 deal for Niagara Falls, NY residents

Redeem a $1 annual pass by visiting a station in your neighborhood*, locate the QR code situated at the top of each Reddy rack, and scan to get started. Residents can also visit the kiosk inside the Amtrak Station, 825 Depot Ave. W., Niagara Falls, NY. *QR codes are not available on stations in downtown Niagara Falls.