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Water, Water Everywhere: How to Find Your Sea Legs in Niagara Falls USA

Jet boating, kayaking, fishing, lounging on the beach — there’s something for every water bug on the waterways of Niagara County.

You can’t think of Niagara Falls without considering the awesome power of water — and there are plenty of ways to get your feet wet, literally, while in Niagara County. You’ll of course want to start by soaking up the Falls themselves, but from boating and beaching to kayaking and cruising, there’s plenty more water fun to be had. And don’t forget fishing, a specialty of the region. Find out how to make the most out of your water-bound time in Niagara Falls USA.

Niagara Falls State Park

Two of Niagara Falls State Park’s most iconic attractions are guaranteed to get you closer to the Falls than you ever expected. Soak up the spray aboard the Maid of the Mist boat tour or venture out on the aptly named Hurricane Deck at the Cave of the Winds — you’ll experience the thundering water head-on as you venture along a wooden walkway a mere 20 yards from Bridal Veils Falls.


You might not think of Niagara Falls with its awesome waterfalls and craggy whirlpools as a place to visit the beach, but along the shoreline of Lake Ontario, you can find delightful waterside spots for relaxing. For those who want a side of small-town charm with their rocky beach, Olcott Beach is a must-visit. Nature lovers will love Wilson-Tuscarora State Park, thanks to its trails, marshland and shoreside fishing, as well as its scenic stretch of beach.

Kayaks & Canoes

Mellow river waters are perfect for days spent kayaking and canoeing. The Lower Niagara is a beautiful stretch connecting Lewiston to Lake Ontario. Stop at The Silo, a classic ice cream spot, and then launch your boat from the public access at the end of Center Street. Want a guided tour? Check out Niagara Outfitters, who can take you or a group out for a day of kayaking or canoeing that will leave you in charming Youngstown at the end.

Canal Cruises

The 363-mile waterway known as the Erie Canal changed history in the 19th century when it connected the Hudson River to the mighty Great Lakes. Experience this engineering marvel by booking a tour with Lockport Locks & Erie Canal Cruises, whose daily sojourns are informative and relaxing. For something a bit more unexpected, try the Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride, which takes you into the tunnels beneath the Canal.

Jet Boats

The Falls bring out the daredevil in some visitors, and a jet boat tour is a great (and safe!) way to get your adrenaline pumping. Strap on a life vest over your bathing suit and prepare to get completely soaked as you boat over and through the Niagara River’s Class V rapids. (There are covered options for those who want to stay a little dryer, as well.)


There are plenty of spots to drop your line around Niagara Falls, depending on what kind of fish you want to catch and what kind of fishing you enjoy. Chartering a boat ensures you’ll have guidance on local licensing and regulations along with the best spots to fish for your desired catch. The big fish (literally!) to catch in the region are chinooks, which regularly weigh in at more than 20 pounds, along with walleyes, muskies and smallmouth bass. Trout fisherman will want to stick to the smaller streams that crisscross the area around Niagara Falls USA, particularly Lake Ontario’s tributaries.