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Where to Get Your Donut Fix in Niagara Falls USA

Who doesn’t love starting their day with delicious donuts? Here’s our list of where to go — and the best treats to order.

No matter your breakfast pastry weakness — donuts, croissants, scones, muffins, you name it — you can find a delicious version of it in Niagara Falls. The city has its fair share of classic establishments (some in business for over a century!) as well as newcomers that are finding fast fans for their baked donut treats. Now the only question is which spot to pick and exactly what to order — time to satisfy your sweet tooth!

DiCamillo Bakery

DiCamillo’s is a Niagara Falls institution, having been in business for over 100 years and still owned by the fourth generation of the founding family. Known for their authentic Italian baked goods, including their legendary biscotti, DiCamillo’s has plenty of choices for breakfast. Whether you want to go with one of their freshly baked loaves of bread or a crumbly scone, you can’t go wrong. And take a few slices of their “pizza bread” — a focaccia-like slice that’s a local favorite — to nosh on later in the day.

Frankie’s Donuts

If a craving strikes, chances are that Frankie’s Donuts is open, thanks to its round-the-clock hours on weekends and extended hours during the week. It’s one of the reasons that the classic shop is so beloved by locals — and their $1 donuts are a major draw as well. With classics like glazed and jelly living alongside more adventurous choices like salted caramel and peanut crème, you can create the perfect half dozen (or dozen!) to go.

Mackinali’s Cafe & Bake Shop

Started by three Niagara Falls natives with years of hospitality industry experience, this bake shop features over-the-top creations that would make Willy Wonka proud. While their signature cheesecake-on-a-stick might be a bit much for breakfast, their “loaded” donuts are perfect for a decadent start to the day. Choose from pre-made choices like the S’mores Loaded Donut or the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Donut — or you can make your own creation by choosing from their toppings.

Seasonal Picks

Smith’s Orchard Cider Mill

Western New York is known for its apple orchards, and Smith Orchard takes full advantage of its crop to create its signature cider slushies and apple cider donuts. The orchard opens in mid-September for apple picking season in the fall.

Cherry Bank Farm Cider Mill

Going since 1944, this apple farm offers a signature apple cider alongside freshly made pies and tarts filled with not only apples, but fruit from other local farms. While there is no u-pick option here, the old-fashioned farm store is worth the visit for the baked goods alone.

Becker Farms

Located inside the original 130-year-old farmhouse, Becker Farms’ bakery is renowned for its fresh pies. If you’re part of a group, enjoy your slice while on a wagon “Pie and Coffee” tour of the property, led by the owner.